About us

The blue point® company is the exclusive representative Myrtha® technology in Poland.

We are in Poland since 1993. The founders of the company contributed their long-time experience, gained in the swimming pool market of the western Europe.

The choice of the Myrtha® technology was dictated by the ever-growing requirements concerning quality, durability, hygiene and aesthetics. This technology is highly recommended for public and rehabilitation facilities, and because of recommendation of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) especially for pools of sporting.

Myrtha® technology includes self-supporting steel structures of the walls of pool's basin. The structures are made of stainless steel and laminated with hard PVC membrane on the side of the pool water. They come in various shapes and sizes and there is the possibility to provide a ceramic finishing for the upper edge of the pool and also pool's floor.

Myrtha RenovAction® technology recommended for the modernization of existing swimming pools includes stainless steel structures fixed to the existing walls of the pool.

The Myrtha® technology also includes special structures: bulkheads and a movable floor of the pool.

Nowadays we are a renowned domestic manufacturer of modern swimming pools, both public and private ones, including sports, recreational and rehabilitation versions.

Due to recommendation of the Myrtha® technology manufacturer - A&T Europe company, in recognition of high skills of our installation teams, we also entered the markets throughout the world, mainly in France, and alse the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico.

    A short list of the principles that we are guided by in our work:
  • We are open and flexible for competent people and organisations;
  • We approach each individual enterprise with greatest care;
  • We are a thoroughly politically unbiased, which enables us to cooperate with every environment that has the development of the region on its agenda;
  • As early as in the joint design phase, we make the effort to think of the entire investment in global terms, instead of confining ourselves to the job ahead;
  • We pay particular attention to the functionality and, at the same time, place emphasis on aesthetical and harmonic aspect of the facility;

We invite all interested parties to cooperate with our company and take the advantage of our services.

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