Application of the technology MYRTHA

Application of the MYRTHA® technology

Sports swimming pools

The fundamental application of the Myrtha® technology is the swimming pools in sports facilities, which require a swimming pool for various sports disciplines. The swimming pools designed according to this technology perfectly meet the international standards and guidelines set by sports organisations. They enable the organisation of the world's top rank sports events, as well as the setting of records in a particular sports discipline. Both our and the international reference list for the Myrtha® technology includes the facilities in which many records in the international sports competitions were set. The technology contains a complete competition equipment for a sports swimming pool, such as the marking for lanes and targets, starting blocks, the marking for the turns and false start, anchors of lane lines, water polo goals.

Rehabilitation swimming pools - Myrtha Medica®

Myrtha Medica® is a systems of solutions designed specifically for health treatment facilities. This system includes the construction of rehabilitation and hospital swimming pools. This technology has all the necessary equipment, including the equipment for the disabled.

Water parks

The Myrtha® technology has found numerous applications in the construction of recreational parks,

Hotel swimming pools

.. as well as of swimming pools in hotels and boarding houses.

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