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MYRTHA® Technology

The Myrtha® technology is a system of swimming pool construction, based on the ready prefabricated elements, made of stainless steel, and joined directly at the construction site. During the manufacture process, steel prefabricated elements are permanently laminated with a hard PVC layer on the pool water side, which prevents the water from coming into contact with the steel. This layer comes in a standard blue colour and functions as a protective, sealing and finishing element of the steel.
The Myrtha® structures are classified as light, self-supporting, prefabricated, modular steel structures.

The Myrtha® technology has been developed with the intension to be used in public facilities, such as Olympic and sports swimming pools, and water parks, in which it is widely used all around the world. The mentioned facilities host the top rank sports events, including World Championships, Continental Championships and Olympic Games.

A special Myrtha Medica® technology was developed for rehabilitation and hospital swimming pools. This technology takes into account the specificity of such facilities.

The Myrtha RenovAction® technological line is another separate technology, designed to be used in the modernisation of the existing swimming pool facilities with the pool's basin made of a concrete structure.

  • The Myrtha® technology is protected by a patent that belongs to the A&T Europe company.
  • The Myrtha® and blue point® trademarks are legally protected within the territory of Poland and the EU.
  • The blue point® company is the only representative of the Myrtha® technology and the A&T Europe company within the territory of Poland.

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