Our realizations : Liner pools

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Hotel “Sympozjum”, Krakow

Realization: 2003

  • hotel smimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) ab. 25m2
  • pool of cold water after sauna

Municipal park, Miechow

Realization: 2001

  • renovation and modernization of the swimming pool in the park, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 5x8m

Museum of the Art and the Japanese Technique “MANGGHA”, Krakow

Realization: 2000

  • modernization of landscape pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 18.8x6.4m

Spa Busko Zdroj, Sanatorium “Krystyna”, Busko Zdroj

Realization: 1999

  • modernization of the rehabilitation swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 16.50x7.25m

Holiday house “Kolejarz”, Muszyna

Realization: 1999

  • outside hotel swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 200m2 with two water slides 18m and 10m

21 Military Spa Hospital, Busko Zdroj

Realization: 1998

  • modernization of the rehabilitation swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 8.0x4.9m

Hotel “Smrek”, Piwniczna

Realization: 1998

  • hotel swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 12.0x6.0m

Military swimming pool, Krakow

Realization: 1997

  • sports swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 25.0x12.5m

Boarding-house “Franio”, Mszana Dolna

Realization: 1996

  • outside swimming pool, concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 12.8x8.0m

=> After a few years of exploitation the swimming pool was developed with hall.

Indoor Swimming Pool, Wodzislaw Slaski

Realization: 1994

  • sports swimming pool concrete/liner (Alkorplan) 25.0x12.5m

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