Liner pools

Liner pools

The blue point® company is also experienced in the technology of lining pools with PVC membrane. This technology was internationally recognised many years ago. It has successfully competed with the traditional pool technology with ceramic finishing.
PVC membrane is both an insulating and finishing material for the pool. It adds an aesthetical value to the pool and facilitates the maintaining of the pool's cleanness.
The PVC membrane can be applied in pools of various sizes, for example: with curvilinear walls, or in the shape of steps or seats.
The PVC membrane for swimming pools is ideal for the renovation of the existing facilities, particularly those which have leaks. The use of PVC membrane permanently eliminates the problem with leaking, since the membrane itself is an insulating element, providing a 100% leak-tightness of the pool.

Our company has always applied the PVC membrane type Alkorplan. It is a widely recognised and renowned brand, which is perfect for any type of swimming pools.

    Technical data of Alkorplan PVC membrane:
  • thickness 1.5mm
  • reinforced, with additional mesh integrated inside the membrane
  • acrylic coating which helps to maintain cleanness
  • resistance to the UV impact
  • resistance to low temperatures enables the using of membrane in outdoor swimming pools
  • a possibility to use on any base - concrete, ceramics, steel, wood
  • the scope of available commercial colours of the membrane changes each year; however, the basic colours remain the same, i.e.: light blue, blue, green, and white


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