Movable floor and removable floor

Movable and removable floor of pool

Movable and removable floor are two another types of structures which provide the possibility to temporarily shallow a part of or the entire surface of the pool. In this way, the pool can serve different functions, depending on the required depth.
Such structures are especially recommended when children's classes or other types of activities, which require a shallow pool, have been planned for a particular period of time. In the remaining time, the pool can be applied for swimming or water jumping, which, naturally, requires greater depth.

Movable floor

The Structure: stainless steel beams, support the floor crosswise, creating modules about dimensions 40x50cm. The heads of the beams are connected to the screw jacks moving the floor up and down. The remaining structure is made of glass-reinforced vinylester profiles. The final cover consist of PVC slats, 250mm or 90mm wide. They are co-extruded with close cell foam.
Movement: the floor is anchored to the screw jacks recessed into the Myrtha® wall panels. There are two screw jacks on the one beam head. The screw jacks are moved by electric motors of low power. No anchoring or cable is necessary under the floor. A depth indicator is included.

Removable floor

The structure is comprised of segments (tables) made of stainless steel, with top in ABS plastic slats, and positioned on adjustable feet. The tables are connected each other. The standard table size: 250x100cm, or special size upon request. The entire structure is easy to install and remove. Load capacity: 250 daN/sqm.

  • The technology of movable and removable floor construction is protected by a patent that belongs to the A&T Europe company.
  • The blue point® company is the only representative of the A&T Europe company within the territory of Poland.

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