Movable bulkheads

A movable bulkhead in the swimming pool is a structure which enables the dividing of a pool and conduct numerous activities simultaneously, in the same time. The size of the separated parts of the pool may be adjusted accordingly.
The movable bulkhead especially helpful to obtain the dimensions of the swimming pool which are required by a particular sports discipline, both for the competition and for training, and return to the previous size of the pool (under the obvious condition that the pool is larger than the area intended for the required activities). For that reason, it is a device intended especially for the sports-type facilities.
The use of bulkhead in sports swimming pools, particularly in the pools used for various types of swimming races, sets a very high standard of stiffness for this device. The bulkhead, in its entire length, cannot be subject to significant bending, and the dimensions of the pool should conform to the binding F.I.N.A. standard in each of its longitudinal sections (each swimming lane).
The bulkheads offered by our company, satisfy all the requirements, and conform to the international F.I.N.A. standard. Furthermore, as the only type of its kind to date, they have been approved by the Polish Swimming Federation.
They can be installed in a pool made in any of the available technologies, based on both the traditional reinforced-concrete structures with ceramic elements and steel structures.


The Structure of the movable bulkhead is made of the stainless steel. The entire structure is comprised of sections connected each other.
Anti-skid plastic slats of durable ABS cover the bulkhead, enables to come across the bulkhead. Bulkheads for competition pools equipped with starting blocks.
The structure is supported by stainless steel wheels, which enable its moving longwise stainless steel rails, installed along the length of the pool. The bulkhead can be moved manually by two persons, at a speed of 3m/min, using the rudder wheel installed at one of the bulkhead's endings.

section of the bulkheadwheel for the movementrudder wheel for manual movement
  • The technology of bulkhead construction is protected by a patent that belongs to the A&T Europe company.
  • The blue point® company is the only representative of the A&T Europe company within the territory of Poland.

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